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A few words about our customer satisfaction


of the survey participants found Agena Trader helpful in achieving high levels of performance and in increasing the effectiveness


of our clients tend to vote that AgenaTrader is the best software they have seen on the market so far.


of our users are very satisfied with all the services we are offering and would/do recommend AgenaTrader.


When asked about AT’s effect on trading profitability, 75% of the traders responded with a resounding “Yes.”


would not use another software anymore and even would tend to leave the markets without AgenaTrader.

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AgenaTrader – your personal companion to freedom and financial independency

What is it that makes AgenaTrader so unique? What differentiates this software from other platform providers in the market? What are the crucial factors that proves AgenaTrader isn´t just good, but an exceptionally superior software?

So far, professional trading platforms have been explicitly catered towards professional traders. Retail traders however have had to deal with technologies which has either provided insufficient functionality or not appropriate towards their trading routine.

AgenaTrader offers equality of opportunities- in terms of the user friendliness and functionality, which is built to be powerful as well as a manageable tool for institutional and retail traders. With just a few mouse clicks you can set up your own trading strategies in the Conditions Escort, while the scanner in the Analyzer Escort helps you find profitable needles in the stock markets haystack.

Based on your trading strategy, you can define entire setups with the Setup Escort and activate them with our groundbreaking AT++. The Risk and Money Management feature helps you play by your own rules, which as you might know isn´t always easy.

AgenaTrader isn´t just a software, it stands for continuous development in the interests of our customers. Also, AgenaTrader stands for providing a lot of free of charge online education. AgenaTrader means being close to the market and even closer to our customers.

AgenaTrader goes the extra mile – come and join us!

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AgenaTrader Andromeda

AgenaTrader’s Andromeda version supports traders who pursue a diversified trading approach and select their instruments from a variety of types such as shares, futures and Forex etc.
This version includes all features of the Basic Version and in addition new feature of AgenaTrader++, trading journal, dynamic orders and more including:

  • The AnalyzerEscort, which displays all signals within a column. The suggested signals can be transferred into the trade setups and semi-automated strategies with just a click.
  • Dynamic orders that are submitted on suspicion and adjusted to the market situation.
  • The integrated trading journal, which allows you to learn from the trade history and improve your trading.
  • The possibility to program complex signals (AND, OR, XOR) without prior programming knowledge with just a click.
  • An EOD scanner, which allows complex scanning for approx. 7000 US stocks.
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AgenaTrader Basic

AgenaTrader Basic supports traders who are interested in discretionary trading. It comes with a large set of features including our AgenaScript, which will provide you with endless possibilities.

AgenaTrader’s basic platform offers an extensive array of functionalities:

  • Advanced charting with over 130 indicators and 14 chart types
  • ActionBar for fast selection and implementation of important tools (chart time frame, administration of instruments, putting setups into the market, show/hide indicators, etc.)
  • Single chart groups and listed chart groups
  • Scanner
  • Indicator development
  • Chart trading
  • FOREX pad
  • DOM (Depth of the market)
  • Automated Trading with OCO, If Done and ORO orders
  • Multi-broker selection
  • Trading center with the order manager, position manager, trades manager, partial trade manager, execution list & trading accounts
  • Info center with time and price alarms, trading notes, strategy manager and market replay manager, etc.
  • Simulated trading
  • Integrated browser: web tab
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AgenaTrader Services & AddOns

Supported Brokers and Datafeeds

Our customers agree that AgenaTrader is one of the best trading platforms available. Yet, without the connectivity to a broker and data feed, even the most revolutionary software providers would not be able to fulfill its true potential.

As its particularly important to us that you as our customer can reach the full heights of your trading prowess. That´s why we are working with some of the most renowned brokers and data feed providers in the marketplace. We are continually pushing the envelope in expanding our business relations and enhancing the number of product offerings at your disposal.

Choosing the brokers and/or data feeds is a fundamental decision. Selecting a suitable broker requires careful consideration of the questions pertaining to what and how you would like to trade.

Some of the following questions may assist you with your broker or data feed decision making process:

Which asset classes do I want to trade?

Which types of instruments does the broker provide (CFDs, Forex, shares, futures, etc.)?

In which time frames do I want to trade?

Do you need tick data, for example?

How are the broker’s spreads/fees structured?

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  • Access to our education portal
  • Access to live trading events
  • Access to our Dow Theory standard add-on

TeleTrader / Lenz&Partner/ IQFeed / Barchart

For our end-of-day traders, the free Yahoo data feed comes already pre-set, so you can get started immediately. Fill out the form to the right to receive your month-long AgenaTrader Andromeda trial version free of charge. This will be sent to you by E-Mail.

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